Why You Need Quality Asphalt Sealcoating

  • Reduces Maintenance Cost: Smooth and even surface of sealed pavement makes future maintenance simpler and cheaper.
  • Beautifies Pavement: Slate black appearance restores original color to asphalt and dries to an even, textured finish.
  • Prevents Oxidation: Asphalt seal coating reduces acceleration of raveling, erosion, and asphalt thickness caused by the Texas sun hardening and drying out asphalt surfaces.
  • Increase Safety: Seal coat increases surface friction, making asphalt less slick.

Asphalt sealcoating is an essential process in preserving the appearance and functionality of your asphalt investment by protecting it from deterioration. Not only does a quality seal coat dramatically extend the life of your asphalt, it will also greatly reduce the amount of money you would have to spend on future maintenance or repairs. When asphalt is exposed to the elements, traffic, or temperature changes, it can harder or oxidize. This causes the pavement to become brittle, resulting in the formation of cracks due to the asphalt’s inability to bend and flex. Sealcoating combats this by providing a waterproof membrane that slows down oxidation and prevents shed water from entering the base material.

A good seal coat can also serve as a safety measure. Sealcoating increases pavement texture which increases surface friction. This makes the asphalt less slippery and stopping quickly easier.

Smith Excavating & Paving Inc. seal coating services include cleaning, crack filling and patching. Our goal is to protect the investment you have made and save you money on future repairs.

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