Asphalt is comprised of sand, tar, rock, and bitumen (a sticky, black, and highly viscous semi-solid form of petroleum). The rock and sand make asphalt extremely tough and long-lasting while the tar and bitumen give it flexibility. Asphalt pavement is known for its durability and resilience. At Smith Excavating & Paving Inc. we expertly diagnose any issues; then we provide the labor, quality materials and equipment to efficiently make repairs.

At Smith Excavating & Paving Inc. we also specialize in trench paving and pavement patching. You may have a project that requires perfectly good pavement to be torn up due to utility work. Installing, replacing, or repairing underground utilities are just a few of the reasons you may require pavement patching. When this happens, the patched-up pavement often does not perform as well as the original pavement. We utilize our years of experience to complete the job correctly, saving you valuable time and money on multiple repairs.

We have expertise in both basic and major paving projects, from minor pothole repairs and subdivision street renovations, all the way to strip center construction and stadium development. Whether you need asphalt repair, commercial asphalt resurfacing, asphalt patching or something more major like new parking lot paving and construction, Smith Excavating & Paving Inc. will get the job done.

Commercial Services We Offer:

  • Asphalt Maintenance Sealcoat
  • Parking Lot and Road Striping
  • ADA Updates (handicap compliance)
  • Signage
  • Civil Concrete work
  • Curb Repair and Restoration
  • Sidewalk Repair and Restoration
  • Road Repair and Restoration
  • Pot Hole Repairs
  • Speed Bump installation
  • Asphalt Overlays
  • Trench Paving
  • New Asphalt Paving and Construction
  • New Parking Lot Paving and Construction
  • Asphalt Grading

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